Over the Fence

Hear from Our Residents

"I saw a glimpse of my future and I liked what I saw"

—Bill Herdrich, Christwood resident

"He became much more social...it's kind of strange to talk about an 80-year-old person blossoming, but that's what happened over the seven years he lived here. He had a great time and made a lot of friends."

—Colin McCormick, son of Christwood resident

"...people here have one expression - this is where I belong. And I know this is where we belong."

—Frank King, Christwood resident

"The best part about activities is, you can do all of this, you can do some of this, or you can do none of this. And no one is there to push you or pull you in any direction."

—Marion Holmquist, Christwood resident

"What impressed me most? The friendliness of the staff. They're all just wonderful. Even the dining room servers learn your name remarkably quickly. It's just one of the ways they take an interest in you and make you feel at home."

—Elmire Johns, Christwood resident

"We were looking to the future when we chose Christwood. The community is well recognized, especially in the New Orleans area. Since moving here, we have enjoyed meeting such friendly people."

—Don Lindquist, Christwood resident

"When people asked me how it was working out, I learned to say, 'She loves Christwood and it loves her back.'" "My mother made new friends, and in time really developed a new family."

—Bill Settoon, son of Christwood resident

"We should have made the move ten years ago. Living here is so comfortable. The campus is full of areas to gather and residents are always getting together. We are much more social than if we were in our home. There are so many happy people here."

—Rick Wilke, Christwood Resident

"It's the right place at the right time. We love it."

—Guy and Babs Epperson, Christwood residents

"The staff is wonderful. I’ve never been in a hotel with a staff that is as friendly and nice as the Christwood staff. They remember everyone’s name and greet you by name. "

—Jeannie Wilke, Christwood Resident


I was so impressed with everything I saw and learned about Christwood in the few days I was there. Not only is the social community ideal for Amos, but the kindness and thoroughness of the staff, the amenities, the dining and the facility itself are outstanding. My sister-in-law and I loved being able to stay onsite and enjoy all of Amos' routines, including his breakfast group, his Sunday brunch group, his pickle ball teammates and his bridge friends, to name a few! No wonder after six months, he didn't have time to hang photos or put the finishing touches on his apartment. It was a treat to help him decorate, but mostly to learn how wonderful his life is there. My husband, sisters-in-law and I all thing we have already added years back to Amos' life - years that will be rewarding and fulfilling. We are so glad we found you.


—Stephanie Plante, Daughter in Law of Amos Plante