In Harmony

Ten years and I'm still so happy!

If there’s one thing Joan knows it’s the joy she feels being a resident of Christwood. “I truly love everything,” says Joan. “It’s all fantastic. In theten years I’ve lived here, I’ve never had a complaint!” 

 Living in a 3-bedroom cottage has been the perfect setting for Joan to entertain friends. She has a close group of friends at Christwood, who frequently gather at her home to relax and reminisce before dinner. And as the mother of eight children, twenty-two grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, she keeps plenty busy hosting family.                         

Joan’s also a regular Bridge player and takes advantage of the Christwood Lecture Series. “I just attended a class about the brain last week,” remarked Joan. “It was so interesting. I never knew there was so much to know.”                         

When asked what Joan wanted others to know about Christwood, she simply replied, “I wish everyone could live here. It’s that wonderful.”