In Harmony

Our Lives. Our Plan. Our Decision.

For people like Helen and Milton Dinkel, who want to make their own decisions about the future and enjoy life more today, a community like Christwood can be the perfect choice. A Life Plan Community, that is—one that offers a vibrant independent lifestyle, plus a complete range of health care services to meet potential future needs. Some people think communities like Christwood are all about care, whereas people who actually move to communities like ours pretty quickly realize we’re all about getting the most out of life.   

For Helen and Milton Dinkel the “icing on the cake” of their decision to move to Christwood four years ago was the opportunity to put a reliable plan in place for their future – a plan that would remove the need for their children to worry about them or add responsibilities to their busy lives. 

The Dinkels were living quite comfortably in Mandeville when they first heard about Christwood’s plans to add the Atrium apartments. They handled some maintenance themselves and it was easy to hire companies for other work around the house and yard. Still, the idea that Christwood would take care of all that and then some was appealing. Plus, the community was close to the life they had built, friends and activities they enjoyed. 

While considering a move to Christwood, they visited other communities, including one in Baton Rouge, close to one of their three children. “We realized by moving to Christwood we wouldn’t see our children and grandchildren as often as if we moved near them, but our life would still be ours,” said Helen. “It would still be full of our friends and the things we love to do.” At Christwood, the things they love include the art shows, bridge, musical performances, cultural outings, and much more. Milton also enjoys a bit of a reputation as a “Mr. Fixit” of small household items – “just the fun stuff.” He’s happy to leave the rest to the very capable maintenance crew.